Polyethylene pipes (three layers) HDPE pe100-RC Polyethylene pipes (full black) HDPE-PE100-RC to all…

🔘 Polyethylene pipes (three layers) HDPE pe100-RC ⚫️ Polyethylene pipes (full black) HDPE-PE100-RC 🔶 To all contractors, companies and state departments, they have large projects in the field of irrigation to deliver drinking water to residential homes, in all governorates Iraq . ✅-For the first time and the only company in the Middle East, it produces polyethylene pipes – pe100-HDPE-RC, two types, three layers, and one layer, and conforms to German specifications with the best quality and competitive price. ✅- Raw materials are 100% raw without adding any recycled materials. ✅ With guarantees of 50 years, provided that the quality control examination and laboratory examination (chemical, physical and field) ✅- The inner layer, white in color, is healthy and maintains the purity of pure drinking water. Algae growth and water rotting ✅ Withstands high pressures and withstands its underground installation ✅- The outer layer, resistant to UV rays ✅- We have sizes from 20 mm to 800 mm up to 25 bars. ✅- Smooth and easily weldable, the duration of your work is limited. And for the single, you can contact the WhatsApp page to direct you to our nearest agents from your workplace. ✅ We will not write prices in the comments due to the weekly change in the price of raw materials in the stock market. Address of the exclusive agent’s office in Iraq Sulaymaniyah / Kalar / Sayh Palace / second floor Berzi for Import and Export 🔻 For inquiries about prices, please call or send a message to the following WhatsApp numbers 👇. 📲📞 👉 – 07726234040 07726234040 📲📞 👉- 07806234040 07806234040 Address Sulaymaniyah / Kalar Www.elitepipeiraq.com

Polyethylene pipes three layers HDPE pe100 RC Polyethylene pipes full black
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