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The largest company for the production of polyethylene and UPVC pipes and accessories for industrial products in Iraq

We provide a variety of special services to meet the needs of our customers.

Elite Pipe Factory is an Iraq based company that manufactures high quality pipes and accessories. We have a lot of experience and are trusted by our customers all over Iraq. We offer many different products, including 3-ply black and white polyethylene pipes, UPVC pipes, fittings, welding machines, and valves. We specialize in manufacturing pipes and valves for agriculture, water projects, and the oil and gas industry. We care a lot about quality and design, and make products that meet international standards. Our team is committed to providing customized solutions and great customer service. We always put our customers first by giving them long term solutions, great support and quality products.

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Three-layer polyethylene pipes

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Black polyethylene tubes


PVC pipes


Three-layer polyethylene agricultural irrigation pipes

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Durline Microducts tubes


Carrogate pipes


Polyethylene accessories



Production of high life resistant products

Elite Pipe Factory is affiliated to Nujoom Al-Nokhba Company. It is a leading and reputable factory in the manufacture of HDPE and PVC pipes in Iraq. We prioritize the use of high quality raw materials and adhere to high standards in producing commercial and industrial water system solutions. Elite Pipe offers reliable, efficient and durable products suitable for municipal, agricultural and industrial applications. As a result, we have positioned ourselves as market leaders in the country. The company's dedication to quality and innovation ensures continued success and growth for years to come.

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Our clients are in all Iraqi cities continuously!

The best HDPE and UPVC pipe manufacturers in Iraq

Why we are the best

We achieve our clients' goals by delivering high quality goods and by keeping our promises and deadlines.

Why do people value us?

We work hard to understand the client's goal, and after that we take pride in exceeding their expectations.

Why do you prefer us?

Our mission is not only to sell products but we also believe in after sales services.

Standard quality is our first priority

Our priority is to make sure that our customers are happy and satisfied, which is why all our HDPE and UPVC pipes and other products are of the highest quality in Iraq. Hence, we devote all our efforts to producing standard quality goods.

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