What is HDPE100

HDPE100+ comes from the abbreviation English equivalent of “high-density polyethylene”. HDPE100+, which is obtained from petroleum, is known as a high-density polyethylene material. Although it is strong, rigid, and heavier than low-density polyethylene, it has a more rigid structure, especially against other polyethylene options. It is generally referred to this way in industrial areas along with the manufacturing sector. It must be said that its structure is much lighter than water.

High-density polyethylene HDPE100
What is HDPE100

It can be produced through two different methods. One is extrusion method and the other is casting technology. It can be combined using source options under own structure. At the same time, it provides the opportunity for processing by placing automated tools. But they are unlikely to be bonded with adhesive.

HDPE100+ with durable design
HDPE100+ formulations provide special durability against all types of impacts. Therefore, it is specially manufactured within the scope of condensed polyethylene production. It is particularly resistant to chemicals and water. On the other hand, although it is not resistant to open air and light; Its resistance can be increased with special additives such as carbon black.

While this provides a long-lasting structure, it also provides the opportunity to provide strong resistance to external conditions. On the other hand, its mechanical properties are of very good quality. As a matter of fact, it offers special resistance against tensile and various impacts. It can be improved with some fillers.

HDPE100+ offers opportunity for use in different areas
HDPE100+, which has a very wide usage area, offers the opportunity to be evaluated in a long-lasting manner in addition to its durable design.

– Gas distribution pipes

– Types of pressure pipes

-Cans, bottles and barrels

-White goods

– Types of electrical and electronic goods

- Different machine parts according to sector

- Kids Games

– Insulator

Evaluated in many of these areas, its area of use continues to expand every year. Due to the fact that it creates a waterproof structure, it also began to be used in boat and warehouse construction.

HDPE100+ fittings used safely
While providing long-lasting structure in the areas where they are used, HDPE100+ fittings, which give extremely strong strength, are manufactured under special design. Its wide area of use is increasing day by day. In addition to the durability it offers, its lightweight construction is among the most important factors in its preference.

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